2014 Wrap-Up

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Approaching the end of any year is always an exciting (and stressful) time. I love the energy and potential that comes along with the changing of the calendar year.

It allows me the perfect reason to do one of the things I do best: obsess over the act of planning, making check-lists, and setting goals.

I have tons of big things planned for 2015, but I want to save that discussion for once we hit January.

Today I want to look back, with an attitude of gratitude, and celebrate 2014.

On a Personal Note

From a personal perspective, 2014 was very impactful.

First and foremost, my daughter Maya was born in January. She’s our second child, after our son (Anderson, 3 years old), and she’s been a blast. She’s currently on the verge of walking, eats everything in sight, babbles like crazy (“Momma” and “Dadda” are easy for her now), and she’s growing at a steady pace. Her birth was by far the biggest thing that happened to my family in 2014.

The next biggest birth for me in 2014 was this website: TestingtheMuse.com.

It really came about after years of preparation, a month of inspiration, and one email of motivation – I talk a bit about this here, in my first blog post.


What Have We Done Here So Far

At only 3-months-old, we’ve done a lot! Actually, I was floored when I looked back and saw that my first post was only just published on September 29th.

The fact that it felt so long ago, and that so much seems to have happened in the meantime, made me wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!? Either way, it’s been a productive 3–4 months, so I’m proud of that.

I’ve managed to post once per week since starting in September, which I quickly found was no small feat.

For those of you who are new readers or recent subscribers, I’m going to quickly list the Blog posts by title and date below – each with a link to the article, for your quick reference:


September 2014


October 2014


November 2014


December 2014


In addition to the above Blog articles (or in some cases to supplement them), I produced a couple freebies this year:

  • Quickstart Guide to Hacking Market Research
  • The Architecture of Testing the Muse

My existing subscribers always get advance copies of any give-aways I create, and only people who subscribe get access to the freebies – so sign-up below, if you haven’t already!

I had actually prepared a couple other “Quickstart Guides” to supplement other earlier posts that were content and resource heavy, but they had to be put aside to take care of other business.

Expect to see those, and other resource-rich freebies in 2015.

Actions from Each Post

You may have noticed that I often end each Blog post with one or more of the following three summaries:

  • Key resources mentioned
  • Actions you can take
  • My next to-do

Key Resources Mentioned

The “Key resources mentioned” highlights any external links that would’ve been mentioned in the post, which are of particular use to anyone who wants to take action on what they just read. Often, these “key resources” are also indexed on our Resources page – for quick ease of reference.

Actions You Can Take

The “Actions you can take” is typically a call-to-action to get you, the reader, involved in Testing the Muse. I’d love for everyone who reads an article to leave a Comment, or share the post on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+, etc.

But the reality is, people are busy; not everyone reads all the way to the bottom of a post; and not every post inspires or engages people to want to comment (I’m hoping that’s not the case, but sometimes it’s just the truth).

Regardless, my goal is always to try to engage you as much as possible – whether it’s to inspire to take action towards a project, to help guide someone through a muse-related process, or to excite them enough to share my content with their friends, family and colleagues.  I feel eternally grateful to anyone who is willing to take the time to consume and share what I’ve created – none of this is possible without you, so Thank-You.

My Next To-Do

This summary makes me laugh sometimes, because I’m not always sure who it’s for – me or you. I originally envisioned that I would add this section at the end of each post to provide you, the reader, with some transparency about what would be coming next.

On several occasions I found myself going back to the bullet points from the previous post to remind myself of my next steps, or at the very least, to ensure I delivered on what I promised to deliver.

In effect, I suppose it serves both of us.

I had originally prepared a post-by-post summary looking back at each of “My next to-do” lists to see if I actually did what I said I would. In the end, I decided against publishing it (mainly because it was too long and kinda boring), but overall the completion of tasks was high, with a few outstanding items to be covered next year.


Given that 2015 is only a few days away, next week will be perfect timing to discuss what’s possibly in store for Testing the Muse over the coming 12-months – from business targets, to posts that are begging to be written, to hearing from you and what you’d like to get out of Testing the Muse and your online business next year.

So much more to look forward to.

Action you can take:

  • Look back at all you’ve accomplished this year. Bask in your own awesomeness – relax or celebrate how far you’ve come.
  • Share your accomplishments with me! Add them as a Comment to this Blog post below.
  • Start 2015 by taking a step toward a new project – sign-up to this Blog’s newsletter – and automatically receive our blueprint, The Architecture of Testing the Muse, and much more! Sign-up below.


Best Always,


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