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Free ebook: The $2 Billion Dollar Sales Letter You’ve Never Heard Of…


If you’re like me, you struggle with a bit of anxiety every time you sit down to write – especially when trying to write “marketing” material (aka “copywriting”)


For most people, writing the copy to sell their product or service is hard work.


It feels like you’re lost in unfamiliar territory, and it’s starting to get dark outside.


What you need is a guide…someone who knows the lay of the land so well that they can lead you to safety blindfolded.


Ray Edwards is the world’s highest paid copywriting coach – writing for the likes of Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and many others – which makes him the ultimate guide to direct you down the path of writing copy that sells.


Since he’s the source the Pros turn to, I knew I was in good company when I started following Ray’s advice.


And that’s why, as budding and early stage entrepreneurs reading Testing the Muse, you’ve got to build the skills necessary to nail down your messaging – whether sales copy, product descriptions or any we-related content (including your social media posts).


To help get you started, I’ve teamed up with Ray, who’s making his ebook “The $2 Billion Dollar Sales Letter You’ve Never Heard Of” free for you.


Get your free ebook here:


In this free ebook Ray is going to reveal the entire text of this $2 Billion sales letter AND he is going to teach you the lessons from that letter that will allow you to write your own cash converting copy!


This book won’t be free forever, so stop what you’re doing and pick up your free copy right now!


Get your free ebook here:


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