Happy Anniversary (Special Offer on Long Tail Pro inside!)

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Happy Anniversary! It’s been exactly 1-year since the first post of our Testing the Muse blog was published.

And this post might be our shortest, but SWEETEST, yet!

In addition to continuing to strive to provide quality content, I really wanted to provide readers with something special to mark this occasion.

An offering of sorts, to help celebrate this milestone, while keeping aligned with our mission to help show you exactly how to test and validate your online business ideas and products (before it’s even made).

Luckily, I think I know the perfect special offer to help this audience test ’til success:




Long Tail Pro for Keyword and Competitor Research

We all know that keyword selection is the foundation for any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

Aim for keywords that are too broad – and you’ll end up on the 20th page of ranking results. Produce ads to target these broad keywords and you’ll end up in the poor-house.

On the flip-side, aim for keywords that are too niche specific – and you’ll end up with great rankings, but zero traffic.

Which is why using this tool can help BIG TIME…

==>  http://testingthemuse.com/longtailpro-promotion

…Long Tail Pro has proven to be THE AUTHORITY in increase keyword research and competitor research by 134% (watch their video here to see it in action).

But here’s where this gets really interesting – for the next week, Long Tail Pro (new v3.0) is offering you a special promotion of 57% off the regular price – which means you get lifetime access to this $97 software for only $42!

Get it here:  http://testingthemuse.com/longtailpro-promotion

No more having to go to the Google Keyword Tool…
No more manually analyzing each competitor…
No more guessing if a keyword is worth targeting…

Collectively, these research activities take hours for each of your ideas that you might want to pursue. This is your all-in-one research tool.

Long Tail Pro has long become the benchmark for keyword research and competition analysis. The software’s been battle-tested by over 70,000+ marketers and SEOs who use this program – the only difference is, they paid full price.


Limited Time Promotion for Long Tail Pro

We’ve talked about Long Tail Pro many times within this blog, particularly during the market research phase captured in Part 2 and Part 3 of our real-time experiment, Testing the Muse in Practice. As well as references in posts associated with branding (Part 6) and writing online ads (Part 10).

But never has this offer been made to our audience before.

For only a limited time, you can grab Long Tail Pro at up to 57% off the normal price.

Remember, this offer expires on October 5, 2015 – so NOW is the time to grab your license!

==>  http://testingthemuse.com/longtailpro-promotion


As you know, Testing the Muse is all about using real life examples to test and validate various online business ideas, and sharing those results, best practices and resources used in the process. Thus far, Long Tail Pro is our most used (and talked about) resource.  It’s also pretty hard to beat a 57% discount!

One of my goals moving forward is to seek out and secure discounts and/or rebates from companies that design other key tools and resources we use and talk about here on Testing the Muse. More value for you to come…

Here to help you Test ’til Success.

Best Always,


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary (Special Offer on Long Tail Pro inside!)

  1. Thanks for the LTP offer and the tantalizing prospect that you’ll bring future discounts or rebates to our attention. That adds even more value to the blog!

    • Wow – I might have to use that one as a testimonial 😉 And thanks for your purchase of Long Tail Pro!

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