Killer Copywriting for the Digital Age


Why do entrepreneurs need copywriting in the digital age?


With the internet in everyone’s pocket, the main way to get your big idea out into the world is online, of course.


And the internet still largely runs on words – blogs, emails, even 140 character social media posts: it’s all “copy”.


All the slickest design or best pictures in the world don’t mean anything without killer sales copy.


In order to draw your customers, validate your product, or get any kind of traction, you need great marketing copy.


But how do you do that?


Copywriting skills are vital for any kind of internet marketing, but it can be hard to get those when you’re worried about other aspects of your business.


Luckily there are resources out there that can help you develop the skills to compete in the digital age with powerful marketing copy.


If you’re an avid reader of this blog, last week you would have received access to a free course entitled “Selling without Sleazing: The Key to More Income, More Impact, and More Freedom” by Ray Edwards – one of the leading marketing copy experts out there.


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Best Practices in Copywriting for Your Business


In the meantime, let’s look at several best practices to help you get that killer copy.




These days, people are constantly bombarded with information, so the best way to stand out is to be simple and to the point.


Steve Jobs knew this, and you can harness the power of simplicity in your writing and marketing copy too.


For example, don’t use six words when four will do.


Keep your writing simple and your message will only be clearer. However, that’s often easier said than done (or maybe I should’ve just said “It’s hard.”)




People don’t like that sleazy, salesy tone. One whiff of that, and there’s an instant distrust.


I’m pretty sure that’s why in stores where the clerks aren’t paid by commission, it’s the first thing they announce when approaching you (whether you asked or not).


“Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m not paid by commission, so how can I help you today?”


It’s an awkward way to start a conversation, but I suppose it disarms a customer’s natural instinct to distrust sales clerks.


Read between the lines, Kevin’s saying:


“I’m not biased, so I’ll try my best to give you honest advice and assistance.”


When you’re face-to-face with someone, selling in person, you know you need to talk openly and honestly with that person.


Writing online should be no different (you’re just “talking” through the computer screen).


So write honestly about your product or service, and you’ll get more interest in return. People can sense how genuine you are – both in person, and through your writing.




When you write your sales copy, you may think you’re talking to everyone that you want to buy your products. But only one person will be reading your copy at a time, so you’re really only talking to them.


Personalize your sales copy to one person: your ideal customer.


Developing a “customer avatar” of your ideal client is a proven technique to focus your writing and marketing materials. More on that concept coming in a future blog post.




Ultimately, in business and marketing, you want your reader to perform an action: click a link, take a survey, buy a product.


So you have to inspire them to take action. You can’t simply command them to do what you want.


Give your reader a good reason to take your action, and then give them another reason. Inspire your audience to take action by continually providing value.




People’s time is valuable, and they want to know that the time they’re taking to read your copy will be rewarded.


Don’t waste their time; give your audience something valuable in your copy, whether some useful information or a discount on a service.


Show them the value in your offering, and they’ll be more likely to respond favorably.



While I hope this article helped you understand why enticing copy is so important, there’s no shame in needing more help.


So in addition to the above tips on best practices in copywriting – and in the spirit of maximizing value for my readers – I want to invite you into Ray Edwards’ free course, where you’ll learn Why Every Business Needs a Sales Letter, And How to Write a Good One.


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This course is designed to help you with copywriting for your business. And you can’t beat the price (FREE!), but only for a limited-time.




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  1. […] Testing The Muse adds to this, “Write honestly about your product or service, and you’ll get more interest in return. People can sense how genuine you are – both in person, and through your writing… Personalise your sales copy to one person: your ideal customer.” […]

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