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As a content creator, you’re not just sitting in a dark room by yourself – creating for the sake of “art”.


You have a message you want to get across – and you want that message to spread far and wide.


Whether you’ve been writing for years; or just had a brainstorm you need to share with the world; or have been holding onto potentially profitable ideas that you want to test on the market for ages – you will benefit from injecting a little marketing into your approach. This will help you build your influence and leverage your writing into a lucrative career.



Marketing Tactics to Help Content Creators Succeed


Content creation and marketing should be considered as two sides of the same coin. Developing the content, such inventing, composing or writing, is creating the “ideas”. Whereas marketing is simply just finding the most effective way to share those “ideas”.


Certain marketing tactics like finding an audience, market research, and building a platform can help you tremendously as a content creator.



Finding an Audience:


When you narrow down your audience from “everybody” to “anybody who likes to read”, and then further down to “the people who most need my message”, you are better able to reach your target market. In return, you can more effectively convert or sell your content to that core audience.


To some, narrowing down your audience to attract more people (or sales, or leads, etc.) may sound counter-intuitive. But, consider the following fictitious example:


If you were to try to sell something to “everyone”, perhaps only 10% would hear your pitch. A small percentage of that group would show interest, and a further smaller percentage may convert to a sale, download, etc.


If you first identify your audience and cater your messaging to that group, you will be able to speak directly to their concerns, save time and money reaching that more refined audience, and are more likely to appeal (and convert) a larger percentage of those people.


The key to finding your audience is to first define your message or solution, and then to identify the people who most need to hear that message.



Market Research:


Being able to identify your audience is great, but knowing what they want is even better.


As you identify your audience, take some time to explore what they’re searching for online – what similar books or blogs they’re reading, what products they’re already buying and where they like to shop. This helps you better understand their interests and what they spend their hard earned money on. If you’re a writer, this can even help you narrow your focus on topics to write about.


We’ll actually be publishing a post in the next few weeks that is going to blow this topic wide-open! If you’ve ever wanted to write a book or an ebook, but either didn’t know what to write OR wasn’t sure if there was enough of an audience to support it – you are NOT going to want to miss this next post!!



Building a Platform:


Once you have a niche audience and a laser focus on what they want, you need to find the best way to reach them.


A platform is just a way of reaching your audience. Ideally the platform offers the opportunity for two-way communication, but ultimately it comes down to where and how your audience prefers to consume their content.


Your platform may be reaching your audience through social media, through your blog, through publishing a book, etc. Consider how you can best get your message to the people who most want (or need) to see it.


With a specific audience and a solid platform, you gain leverage. When you add monetization to this equation, you have all the right components for a new grow-oriented career.



Leverage Content to Build Influence


Without an audience, your ideas will go nowhere. That’s why any content creator can benefit from finding a niche audience, understanding what they want, and choosing a specific platform to reach them through.


When you embrace your audience and connect with them, you can leverage your content into a solid career as a professional (e.g. writer, musician, software developer, etc.), and most certainly an expert in your field.


Influence is gained through the audience you’re building, person by person. Your audience will directly support you by buying your products and courses, ebooks or clicking affiliate links on a blog, but they’ll also support you by sharing and liking your work and your new projects.


In short, their support “lends” you influence – increasing your ability to create, grow, and gain even more support. I use the term “lends”, rather than “gives” you influence, because that support can be taken away. There is no permanence to influence – ask any once popular rock star, athlete or politician.


Thankfully, gaining more support and increasing your following is incredibly scalable on the internet. The truth is, there is no shortage of potential traffic.  In fact, your audience is already there, looking for you (whether they know it or not). It’s simply a matter of establishing your platform and driving qualified traffic directly to you – either by earning it with “sweat equity” or buying it.


But the trick is getting the right traffic – your target audience. The right people visiting your books, your websites, your business… and then converting that traffic into fans, subscribers, and, yes – sales.


It can all feel overwhelming at first. Like anything worth doing, getting it right takes time.


Rather than using trial and error trying to figure it all out, my preference is to learn from people who have already been there, done that.


And for me, that person is Nick Stephenson – best-selling fiction and non-fiction author, teacher, and course creator.


Our previous post on how to 10x Your Fans noted that I was about to take an online course, and went in to some detail on tips Nick used to explode his own career as a content creator.


Today Nick’s offering his fool-proof plan to grow your audience and find success. His e-course “Your First 10,000 Readers” will give you the tools you need, and help you find profit and success as a content creator.


If you’re a content creator, seeking more fans, interested in learning more about the course I’m about to take, or if you’d like to participate too – CLICK HERE for more details.


However, if you’re looking for a value-packed sample of the lessons being taught in Your First 10,000 Readers, check out Nick’s FREE video training series where he shares  his super-specific formula for getting more online traffic, converting it into fans, and then how to sell to your fans – without being sleazy. Check out the free series here (for a limited-time only!):






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