Move from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur (Inaugural Post!)

Welcome to my inaugural post on Testing the Muse!

I’ve been waiting for this for a long-time, but just didn’t know what form it would take – until now. Admittedly, I started this abruptly in no small part to the Start-A-Blog Challenge by Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend.

But upon further reflection, this is something I couldn’t not do.

I’ve been consuming entrepreneur-related content for over a decade. I’ve been implementing tactics on-and-off haphazardly for the past 5 years – with mixed success (read: mostly failure). And I look forward to sharing all that with you – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But momentum shifted once I realized that giving my ideas “life” – by getting them out of my head and testing them on the market quickly before committing any resources – is not only feasible, but also easy, cheap and could potentially save me tons of money and countless hours (not to mention pain, disappointment, heartbreak, etc.).

The purpose of this blog is to show you that validating your online business ideas is not only doable, it’s absolutely mandatory to move from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur.

This blog is for “wantrepreneurs” who want to level-up; for the self-proclaimed “ideas person” – who are positive they have those million-dollar-ideas, but never act on them or just aren’t sure which path to take.

Follow this blog for how-to guidance and inspiration as I (and others) test multiple ideas and share the real-life results and resources used in the process.

Let this blog be your Your Call to Action. To show you that you can separate the good ideas from the bad ideas; that you can validate a potential business concept for the mere cost of a meal at a restaurant; and that your ideas do have the potential to earn you money.

Onward and upward…

Please bear with me over the next little while – as I develop my writing “voice”, tweak the site design, and index the resources I’ve using for years – to better share with you, the reader.

This will be a bit of a teething process, especially while trying to capture the “muse testing” I’m completing in real-time and sharing those results.

As this blog concept takes shape, I look forward to having you as part of my Tribe – I guarantee you this will be worth it.

And in the spirit of this blog’s mission to be transparent, let’s get started!

My next to-do:

  • Review App development how-to articles
  • Prepare job description of App for outsourcing
  • Post this information on this Blog for the benefit of readers
  • Clean-up the design of this site – background, logo, font size and style, etc.
  • Set-up email for mailing list/newsletter
  • Develop give-away for readers who subscribe to the blog/newsletter (that includes You! If you want to make sure you’re first in line, in the meantime, just go to my Contact page and say “Hi!”).

Action you can take:

  • Looks like I covered that above – so if you want to be first in line for any freebies, just drop me a line at the Contact page and let me know you’re out there 😉
  • I’ve also just dropped an email box below to help you subscribe to this blog – not sure if it works yet, but give it a shot.
  • If the purpose of this site resonates with you, Bookmark this page! This is just the beginning…

Yours truly,


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