Plans for 2015

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Formalized this past August, published live for the first time in September, and then a quick salute to 2014 in December. So far, it’s been a whirlwind for Testing the Muse.

So what’s next for 2015?

I have big ideas for improvements in 2015, including tons of concepts I want to test, validate and get started with. Not to mention following-through (and following-up) with various projects initiated in 2014.


Projects from 2014

There are two primary updates, or continuations of projects started in 2014, that you can expect this year.

The first is a fulsome update on the app I’ve had developed – first discussed here.

The second is to continue with the Testing the Muse in Practice series – our first real time experiment, on the “This Car or That Car” app (see this series from the beginning here). Other posts had to sneak in before the end of the year, but we’ll pick right back up where we left off very soon.

I’m super interested to have this concept see the light of day, to begin the testing process to see… do we have a winner?

If it tests positively, that will be a new venture to move forward with and detail the process through this Blog.

But, if it doesn’t test very well, we’ll get to examine the ever-looming question that many entrepreneurs have: “What happens when your idea sucks?” Ditch it entirely, tweak the offer and re-test, or investigate other options? Either way, this series is a sizeable feat, with much more to come.


Project Pipeline for 2015

Recognizing that I likely can’t get all of the following done in one year, here are at least some of the web-based businesses that I want to investigate through this Blog over the next +12 months:

  • Affiliate product website (personal development industry)
  • Lead generator website (real estate industry)
  • Niche blog (financial industry)
  • Additional Apps (various industries)

Inspiration will strike and new ideas or opportunities will present themselves in 2015. But I’ve already formulated rough concepts around the above items, and they seem to have a stickiness factor to them that I can’t shake – so it’s likely I will be pursuing at least a couple of them in 2015, to the greatest extent possible, and recording those results here on Testing the Muse.

Areas of Focus This Year

Greater Engagement with Existing Audience:

I want to hear more from YOU. I know there are people out there reading this, following along and doing their own testing, or starting a new business, or launching a product. I know this, because I’ve spoken with you personally.

I’d love to report back to everyone on this Blog on Your progress – if you have a success story (or at least, some lessons learned) Contact me and perhaps we can do an interview or a guest post!

Attracting New Readers and Convert them to Subscribers (Targets):

One of the attractions of a Blog, or most any information-based or digital goods-based online business, is that it’s entirely scalable – it can adjust to large fluctuations in users/consumers, without having a negative or burdensome effect on the operation of the business.

For example, whether I have 1 subscriber, 20 subscribers, 20,000 subscribers, or 2-million subscribers – the day-to-day operations associated with the Blog would not necessarily change substantially. I would still have to maintain the site and create content, as well as distribute and promote that content.

With that being said, one of my primary targets for 2015 is to grow my subscriber base by 100%.

Given that this is a new Blog, and my promotions to-date have been relatively poor (taking a back-seat to content creation), this should be extremely achievable.

I secretly have a much higher percentage increase target in mind, but I won’t share that number publicly unless I reach it (gotta save some drama, right?). For now, +100% is respectable, achievable, and would be a fantastic addition to this community.      

Work On the Business, Not In the Business:

Although this may change in the future, I currently make zero dollars directly from this Blog. All content is 100% free, and I only earn an affiliate commission when readers are gracious enough to make a purchase through resource links (at no cost to them).

Therefore, it’s not really a “business” at this point – more of a glorified hobby.

Despite this fact, I’m strongly considering hiring a general Virtual Assistant (VA). Between the Blog and testing various business ideas (and executing those ideas), it’s a juggling act, particularly while trying to take your business(es) to the next level.

I take the advice of Chris Ducker, author of Virtual Freedom, to heart: avoid “Superhero Syndrome” at all costs, or you will burn-out.

This role may even just start part-time by assisting with social media coordination and promotion – something I’ve lacked. There is simply no point in focusing on content creation, but then neglecting to put equal (or greater) effort into promoting your work. As most people understand, “If you build it, they will come” just doesn’t cut it these days, especially online. You need to hustle to gain (and earn) attention.

So, even though I don’t expect to see a financial Return on Investment (ROI) within the near future by taking on a VA, if the economics make sense (e.g. I can pay for it with day job or Muse earnings) and my productivity output increases substantially, it will be worth it.

It’s a move I’m seriously considering, so if it happens, I’ll be sure to provide the decision making and procedural details in a Blog post if/and when I move forward.


And that’s about it… If I can manage to execute even half of what I set out in a year, I’m happy. But I’m positive that having it all written out (and now public!) will help me realize this vision faster and more efficiently than I even imagined.

When you tackle big tasks, in smaller incremental steps, major things happen over time. I work on this site and related projects a little bit every day – even if it’s just reading an article, making a small tweak or improvement, or writing a sentence or two – to get me closer to my goals. I’m always amazed at the cumulative effect of what gets done in 365 days.

I expect 2015 to be no less spectacular – starting… now!


Action you can take:

  • What do you have planned for 2015? Anything interesting? Any major resolutions? Please share below in the Comment’s section!

Best Always,


2 thoughts on “Plans for 2015

  1. dan

    Looking forward to learning more about your lead generation website!

    • Thanks Dan. I know you’re in the real estate industry, so we’ll be sure to connect to brainstorm together!

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