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The 67 Steps with Tai Lopez

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Everyone wants the Good Life – but not everyone is willing to put in the work to get the Good Life.

In fact, before you can even sign-up for The 67 Steps program, founder Tai Lopez requires that you commit to the following principles:

  • To gain financial independence and beyond you must deserve it. You won’t be driving your own Lamborghini overnight, but you can gain the skills to buy your own a lot sooner than you think.
  • To live the life full of passion and excitement you must be consistent. The University College London says that forming a new habit takes at least 66 days. Tai chose 67 steps because it’s a proven time frame you will need to begin rewiring your brain to gain new levels of success.
  • To achieve the levels of success that all of your friends and family will envy you must always invest in yourself. Warren Buffett the world’s greatest investor said “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

He’s bold and brash – but love him or hate him – Tai Lopez has made a huge splash online. You’ve likely seen Tai’s Lamborgini Ad on YouTube promoting The 67 Steps…

Now’s your opportunity to take advantage of that offer, while getting a massive discount on the sticker price! Keep reading below to get this exclusive offer of 50% off Tai Lopez’s The 67 Steps program.

This offer on The 67 Steps gives you instant access to the following features:

  • The “67 Steps” Program to The Good Life: Shave years off the painful learning curve to find The Good Life and accelerate your goals.
  • Video Archive Vault: Immediate access to over 100 hours of videos Tai recorded specifically for the Twice-a-Month Coaching Calls where he reveals the key secrets found in the 150 most important books on achieving The Good Life.
  • VIP Membership to Tai’s Exclusive Twice-A-Month Live Coaching Calls: Direct access to Tai to get your questions answered.
  • Book-Of-The-Day Premium: Receive the “Book-Of-The-Day” premium video and audio summaries. Now you’re getting his personal library of premium book summaries not available anywhere to the public.
  • Super Bonus Content: Immediate access to the one-time bonus material including: Investment Secrets; Speed Reading Wizardry; Access to the Private Facebook Social Networking Group; and Tai’s App List.

Here’s the DEAL:

As a reader of Testing the Muse, we’re offering you a 50% discount off the current cost of the program ($67). That mean we’re returning $33 to you as a rebate, if you purchase through this promotional affiliate offer:


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