Test Your Product Online (before it’s even made)


I better warn you upfront: there’s a free giveaway at the end of this post. It’s The Architecture of Testing the Muse – a blueprint for the process of how to test your online product before it’s even made – explained in one tidy graphic. If you’re interested in getting a copy, read on…


Warning aside, this is just a quick detour from our on-going real time experiment series – Testing the Muse in Practice (catch-up by starting with Part 1 here).


We’re just at the stage of needing some outsourced graphic design work, for mock screenshots, icons, logos, etc., courtesy of Fiverr and UpWork (formerly Elance).


So while that’s being completed, I thought this was the perfect time to refocus on our core Purpose here at Testing the Muse. Here’s why:


On October 28th, I received the following actual inquiry:


“Hi Jonah, I’m not sure I understand your site/business … Would you be so kind as to tell me more about your business? Thanks Laura”


Gulp! That’s not good. When I first read this, I thought “Uh oh. This is a problem”.


New Here?

After a few days, I realized the inquiry was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes when we’re too close to a topic or project, it’s difficult to view yourself and your work from someone else’s perspective.


It’s a common issue, but a serious problem if you’re trying to build a brand, reach an audience, sell a product, or any other business-related activity. I’m looking to gain readers, connect with like-minded people and build community (all the while testing my own ideas, and reporting back on the process).


This inquiry was a wake-up call that my positioning needed polishing.


For anyone reading the blog title “Testing the Muse”, you automatically get it IF you’re a raving fan of Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek.


You get it, it just clicks.


The phrase is familiar, the context is set, and therefore the purpose and content of the blog will most likely speak directly to you. I’ve already written a bit about it here on the About page.


But what if you’ve never read The 4-Hour Workweek before, or only just got started following your passion, or exploring ideas for potential commercialization?


If you’re brain hasn’t already made that “switch” (as it has for me, read about it here) – then the blog title, as well as the material, might be totally foreign to you.


But maybe it’s more familiar than you think… Does the following describe someone you know (possibly even yourself?):

  • You think you have a “million-dollar-idea”.
  • You have so many ideas, you don’t know which opportunities to pursue.
  • You’ve been told “it’s all been done before (so don’t bother)”.
  • You’d like a clear blueprint for validating your ideas.
  • You want to take action on your ideas to build passive income or a new career path.


At Testing the Muse, we look at real life examples of possible “million-dollar-ideas”, test and validate those ideas online (before it’s even made), and where potential is proven, we take action!


Most importantly, we share those results, best practices and resources used in the process.


This might lead to your next question…


How is it possible to test your product online before it’s even made?

This question is best answered with a brief scenario most creative or ambitious people have found themselves in. I know I have, and I’m willing to bet you have too.



You’ve had an “Aha” moment.


You’ve got a few great ideas for products that you’re positive will make you a fortune – if only you put in the time and effort required to create them – whether they are apps, eBooks, educational courses, websites, or even a tangible product.



  1. Would you rather spend a couple weeks & a couple hundred dollars to quickly and efficiently measure and confirm there is an audience willing to pay cold-hard-cash for your exact product?


  1. Would you prefer to spend months (or more) & thousands of dollars, only to find out nobody wants to buy your product?


  1. Do nothing and continue wondering “what could have been”…


Unless you have endless time and money, a high threshold for dream-crushing rejection, or enjoy a life of regret – the answer is obviously #1.


Test to see if a market exists for your idea firstTHEN create it/ build it/ design it/ write it/ film it/ record it/ outsource it/ – and sell to your known and willing customers!


This scenario is not fiction, and is not limited to internet marketing “gurus”. It’s actually 100% possible for people like you and I.


Yes, there is effort involved – but its miniscule compared to Option #2, and is a million-times more gratifying than #3. The opportunity is so massive, that you cannot afford to ignore it. You’re doing yourself, and those around you, a disservice by not following a passion.


The crazy part? Very few people do this – despite the fact that there are proven strategies and tools to help you along the way.


This blog exists to show you how it’s possible to test and validate your online business ideas and products (before it’s even made).


TestingtheMuse.com is your home for turning that nagging idea into a success – at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.


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Our Gift to You

If you’re more of a visual learner – who needs to see the map before you even take your first step – you’re going to love our latest giveaway: The Architecture of Testing the Muse.


The Architecture of Testing the Muse is a flowchart that takes you down the path, from idea to product – in very little time, with very little money, at very little risk.


Follow this blueprint… and you’ll be able to assess the market and profitability of any idea or business before you even consider dedicating resources to it.


Follow this blog… and I’ll hold your hand while doing it – complete with real examples and real results – as well as tools and resources to help you along the way.


Sign up below and reach out to me!


If this resonates with you, or someone you know – please spread the love! Share this post with others on Facebook, Twitter, etc. For that, I would be sincerely grateful. Thank you.


Best Always,


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