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Shiny Object Syndrome

(and How to Avoid It) (Image Credit)   There were many reasons for starting this Testing the Muse blog, but…

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Creating your Customer Avatar

(Image Credit)   One of the joys (and major challenges) of running a blog dedicated to dreaming up, researching and…

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Attract Your Audience

(Image Credit)   In addition to business validation questions, a few of the primary themes I hear over and over…

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5 Tricks for Focus

(Image Credit)   We all have that one friend that always seems to get more done, even though they’re working…

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Finding the Time

(Image Credit)   There should be no illusions about this fact: great results come from hard work. There are no…

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Level Up Your Life with a Mentor

  All entrepreneurs have an adventurous spirit – that’s why you’re doing it on your own instead of working for…

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