The Complete Crowdfunding Kit

The Complete Crowdfunding Kit (FREE copy here)

The Complete Crowdfunding Kit (Everything you need to Crush it with Crowdfunding) covers all the aspects of preparing and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.

DOWNLOAD your FREE copy here:

With the intro of crowdfunding platforms – anyone can now bring their idea to market.

In many ways, crowdfunding sites (i.e. Kickstarter) are the ultimate Muse Testing platforms!

In The Complete Crowdfunding Kit you’ll instantly receive:

  • 60-page eBook outlining everything you need to know – from the pros and cons of crowdfunding, to the best strategies for rewarding your crowdfunding supporters.
  • two step-by-step Action Plan checklists detailing Communications and Outreach strategies.
  • a fill-in-the-blanks Press Release template form for your campaign.
  • a 24-week project timeline & task list to keep you organized and on-track throughout your campaign – from start to finish!

All 100% FREE!

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