4 Tips to Tighten up Your Sales Copy


When it comes to writing any kind of marketing and sales copy for your business, you have to remember that simplicity sells.


With the power of the internet in the convenience of our pockets, our homes, and around us all day long, people are constantly reading. Advertisements on television and on the internet bombard us with words.


You need to have copy that cuts through all that clutter and delivers your message loud and clear.


Creating this clear copy is the hard part, of course. But it’s possible.


A very important part of effective sales copy is honesty, so you should always start by writing from the heart.


You can then take your raw, honest words and refine them into a simple, powerful message. All you have to do is edit.


Sounds easy, right? Of course not!


But I’ve been so inspired by the free masterclasses that copywriting expert Ray Edwards’ has been giving to our audience on sales letters, why every business needs them, and how to write for sales (without sounding sleazy), that I just had to try to distill some of the key lessons here on our blog.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this link for Ray’s free ebook OR this link for Ray’s free mini-course on copywriting – you can thank me later!



Sales Copy Tips from the Experts


In the meantime, here are a few tried and true editing tips, from Ray Edwards and other copywriting experts, to take your sales copy to the next level:



Always be active.


“The company was started by a businessman.”


“The entrepreneur started a company.”


The first sentence is passive voice, and the second is active.


Which one caught your attention? The active one, of course.


Always stay in the active voice, and you will keep your reader moving through your text.


Active voice also encourages your reader to act by clicking your link or whatever your desired outcome.



Formatting is your friend.


Nobody likes a big block of text, so break things down and spice them up with formatting.


White space gives your reader a break so they can easily digest your next tidbit of information.


Formatting like bold and italics allow your reader to focus on your message instead of getting lost in the details.


Bullet lists pick out the important parts of your writing and highlight them for your reader.



Write a catchy headline.


The first thing – sometimes the only thing – your reader sees will be the headline.


Writing great headlines is the essence of making it simple and powerful, so use power words like because, new, and free.


Effective headlines often start with numbers, too.


Lists are easy for readers to digest, so for most impact, use a number headline to lead into an article structured like a list (i.e. something like: “4 Tips to Tighten up Your Sales Copy”… See what I did there? Pretty tricky, huh?).


If you get nothing else from this particular blog post, you need to understand that your sales copy’s ultimate success (or failure) hinges on how persuasive your headline is… because if you don’t catch their attention with the headline, chances are slim the reader will click, scroll or even skim through the rest of your copy.




Call for “Yeses”.


Most writers know you should call for action, but you should also ask your readers questions.


The important thing is to ask questions that your reader will answer with a “Yes.”


This will get your reader on your side, and they will become used to agreeing with you. This way, when you give your call to action, they will be predisposed to agree with that too.



With these tips, you can become a more persuasive copywriter and create marketing copy that will bring you more sales.


No one is born a perfect marketing copywriter. It takes a keen eye for detail, a dash of creativity, and a ton of hard work. But there is a way to go straight to the head of the class – and that’s to learn from some of the greats, like Ray Edwards.


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  1. Adam Gosse

    Loving these articles, Jo. Keep up the great work!

    • That’s awesome Adam, thanks brother!

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